Activists aimed to overthrow centre, says Maharashtra police

Activists aimed to overthrow centre, says Maharashtra police


Mumbai: Following the recent arrest of left-wing activists, the Maharashtra police on Friday claimed that there was a larger conspiracy by Maoist organisations to overthrow the ruling government using weapons procured from Russia and China. Additional director general (law and order) Parambir Singh said that the arrested accused played an active and crucial role in this conspiracy.

ADG Singh, along with Pune police officials on Friday claimed that they had “conclusive proof” to link the left-wing activ-ists arrested this week and in June to Maoists.  Singh referred to an email between Rona Wilson, one of the arrested activists, and a Maoist leader, speaking of ending the “Modi Raj” with a “Rajiv Gandhi-type incident”. Wilson was arrested in Delhi in June in connection with the Bhima-Koregaon violence. 


Singh said that the police had seized “thousands of letters” exchan-ged between the over ground activists and the underground Maoists. Singh shared details of a few letters, which had been sent for forensic investigation.  He revealed that the letter written by Wilson to Maoist leader, comrade Prakash, read, “We have received your last letter regarding the current situation here. Arun (Ferreira), Vernon (Gonsalves) and others are equally concerned about the urban front struggle.” Singh said that Wilson’s letter to Prakash spoke about the requirement of `8 crore for supply of rifles, grenade launchers.